Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan, a Master of Kundalini Yoga, dedicated his life to uplift humanity by sharing the teachings of Kundalini Yoga. Originally from Northern India, he moved to the USA in the 60's in order to share with the West this ancient technology. He did not come to gather students, he came to create teachers – that is why he always said, "This is not about me, it's about the Teachings. I am simply the mailman delivering the mail." For this reason he established 3HO: The Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization, to serve the legacy of happiness as a universal human birthright. He taught over 8,000 classes and inspired thousands of people to keep up and live in their excellence.

Yogi Bhajan studied comparative religion and Vedic philosophy in his undergraduate years, going onto receive his Masters in Economics with honors from Punjab University. Years later, he earned his Ph.D. in communications psychology from the University of Humanistic Studies in San Francisco.

He emerged as a religious, community and business leader with a distinguished reputation as a man of peace, world-vision, wisdom, and compassion. He has authored and published more than 30 books on topics ranging from spirituality and consciousness to communication and psychology.

"When EGO is lost, LIMIT is lost. You become infinite, kind, beautiful."

Yogi Bhajan

"If you can't see God in All you can't see God at all."

"Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light."