Spritual Development Course

Healing, Growth, and Transformation: Time for Change

This is a private course that uses a specific structured and it is customised to the needs of the individual. The course integrates teachings based on Yoga (mainly Kundalini Yoga but not only) and principles of Spiritual Psychology. These are used as a safe platform, where the individual can use it to gain their own experiential knowledge. This is the best way of acquiring the knowledge of self mastery and have an organic spiritual growth. The course is made out of four or six 1-1 two hour sessions. Those are being held once a month.

What will I get out of the course

  • Understanding of where I am on my spiritual path
  • Yogic tools and meditation techniques to grow and move on
  • Self realisation of my own consciousness level
  • Face my fears, frustrations and emotional blockages
  • Inspiration and strength to continue on
  • Development tools and techniques to cultivate my own awareness
  • Improve the quality of my everyday life
  • Finding and pursuing my true purpose in life

Who is this course designed for

  • If you have already started a spiritual journey
  • You feel uncertainty with your path
  • You are stuck with your progress
  • If you feel that there is something folding you back
  • Don’t know where to start
  • If you feel that there is too much information/tools in your head

👉 Please continue to read in order to better understand the principles of the course.

Broad definition of Spirituality
With spirituality, we define our relationship with the spiritual world and the non material world. The term spirituality has to be understood in a very broad way, as it has to do with our relation to invisible beings, like for example God, angels, souls and universal energies. Spirituality also has to do with questions like “whats the meaning of life”, “why are we here”, “why are we born in this life”, etc. This brings up the very important point that spirituality defines our personal attitude towards life as a whole and all its related goals and cycles. As a last point institutionalised religion is fundamentally different to spirituality as the later is developed and focused on personal experience.

Dealing with Spirituality
Some people strictly refuse to acknowledge the existence of a spiritual world. Often, these are people that dismiss anything, which has not been scientifically proven by the defacto accepted scientific world. Everything has to be explained with a rational and a square logic. On the other hand, there are many people, who are trying to explain every little event in life with irrational and mystical explanations. Everything has been planned a long time in advance with the help of stars, karmas or whatever. Such people at times can easily lose their touch to the ground and live in a different world. A meaningful dealing with spirituality is of course somewhere in between these two extreme positions.

Benefit of spiritual growth
Spirituality serves to have a better understanding of our life (be it material or non material) and our life's tasks and therefore to achieve our purpose of life more easily. This means that spirituality should always be integrated into our daily life and in everything we do. This way we become better in our personal lives, in our professional lives, in our family life, and in our social life. This brings up the point of developing awareness or higher levels of consciousness so that our thoughts, words, and actions, are aligned with our true purpose of life.

Challenges of Spiritual Growth
With any development and growth, we can be faced with a few challenges. The main one being change. Spiritual growth introduces change in our behaviour, in our attitude, in our thoughts and feeling. This affects our everyday life and for many this change is sometimes difficult to accept and integrate in our lives. The second aspect that can be challenging is knowing where you are in your spiritual journey. Many times people get stuck in dark corners or they simply lose orientation while walking the spiritual path. This is normal since the path is not always straight forward as there maybe many twists and turns.

Spiritual Development Course
The course is designed to assist us and provide us guidance during our spiritual journey. We have divided the spiritual path into stages and with appropriate checkpoints the course helps us understand which stage we are currently in. Most importantly, it provides us with the necessary tools in order to cultivate the current stage and eventually to grow out of it and into the next stage. The purpose is not to push and rush us into the next stage of a road map. The purpose is to have a natural growth. We learn how to manage the challenge of change and let it become our transformational engine. The course also focuses on elevating our awareness and consciousness to higher levels. This not only vastly improves the quality of our lives but it also introduces the ability of self healing.